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About Us

Silicon Top Co., Ltd is specializing in researching & developing photoelectric relays which is also known as solid state relays. We study optical coupler chip, power MOSFETS and thyristor domestically and internationally in professional level, finally launched solid state relay with multi-chip assembly. The application of our solid state relay is professional focusing on expertise filed in motor control, communications and instrumentation application. It is recognized and applied extensively by Chinese leading home appliance manufacture.

Recognition Reward

Silicon Top is strictly controlled the product quality even at the phase of chip designed. The core technologies of our products have been declared national patents and obtained certifications. Silicon Top gains the UL certification of quantity control in production. The founder of Silicon Top, Ms Yang has acquired recognition in “Double Hundred Plan” in the field of solid state relays. This is all aimed to offer the best Silicon Top product to you.

UL certificate

Silicon Top product gains UL safety certificates in America region and Europe.

“Double Hundred Plan” in Xiamen

Silicon Top’s founder has many years experience in researching and developing relay business. Our small solid stated relay (photo relay) which is YAS1 series is the precedent of solid state relay filed in China. In 2017, Ms Yang, the founder of Silicon Top acquired recognition in “Double Hundred Plan” in the field of solid state relays.

National Patents

Our SCR chips has our own independent intellectual property rights and our encapsulate material is new flame-retardant materials which is specifically developed for the small-sized solid-state relays. We are pride to have our own national patent on our solid state relay, Opto-MOS, Module and MOSFET.

Our Products

Our products can be applied to motor control, communication and instrumentation industry. As solid state relay is perfect replacement for Electromagnetic relay (EMC). So far our solid state relay is supplying in large volume to leading home appliance manufacture.

Silicon Top Product
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